Something stirs in the darkness.
The vision before my eyes lit up the room like a starry sky. You stared across at me with those longing eyes, that smile that could knock someone out. I felt your warmth then. I saw the love in your eyes. You were happy to see me. The sheer contentment in you was obvious. I know you felt the same way. How could you not?
Passion that began years before and rekindled itself so easily. Could this be real love? Could this be everything I was looking for?
Someone told me once that the one person you always wanted was right there under your nose yet you could not see it. I questioned that quote, time and time again. A soul-less being drudging on in the shadows, looking for a reason to smile again. I knew what it felt like. It was painful to say the least but then again, who was I to judge the inner workings of a heart in motion.
Where was I heading this time? The answers to the endless questions never to be answered but a lesson at every turn.
I think I almost had it made. Almost.

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