Business, coconut style.

The sickening thing about Fiji is that you gotta wait around for other people to submit their shit before you are able to get your work off the ground. I despise having to do that because it not only slows me down but pressures me to burn the midnight oil while the deadlines loom. I would rather do the whole segment on my own but unfortunately, my work must coincide with others.
2 days now and I’m getting annoyed with the banks and the Ministries who are delaying me by not replying to their emails on time and not answering their bloody phones. A massive Ministry of about 200 people and not one person is able to hear the phones ring?
Makes me wonder what these people are doing with all that free time. It is greatly annoying for me to have to wait for this long. Deadlines is the key word, and it is looming.
I just gotta grin and bear it till someone is kind enough to get back to me. This is the Technology Age and every 2nd person on the street walks around with a freakin’ iPhone or BlackBerry. All synced to their mail servers and updates are supposedly regular. I am certain they know when there is an incoming message/email. Why the fuck do they blatantly not reply or answer calls?
Then it occurs to me. Extended tea breaks that overlap with lunch hours. Men gathered around fuckin’ grog bowls discussing absolute bullcrap! What a waste of resources!
This is Fiji. This is how we do business. Lovely ain’t it??

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